Advertise on Durham Cricket TV

Durham Cricket TV offers a unique opportunity for you to get your message in front of your best target audience via advertising and sponsorship packages.

As an advertiser, you will notice that Durham Cricket TV is not cluttered with adverts. This means your advert will not be competing with other ads and gives you a greater change of conversion.

Along with traditional display and video adverts, Durham Cricket TV offers programmatic advertising packages, which means that your advert is only viewed by people who align to your specific target market.

How does it work? – We use mathematical learning and matching algorithms developed using artificial intelligence and modelling techniques based round the latest ‘Big Data’ management methodologies.

What does it deliver? It’s simple – The right adverts to the right person at the right time.

Reach your target audience using digital display adverts and banners. The format can be either static or animated. All digital adverts and banners include trackable clicks through to advertises website.

Contact us to find out about advertising and sponsorship packages.